KSL and Now I Can

Sunday, February 12, 2012

Yesterday was one day that will go down as incredibly special to me. I started out finishing the final preparations for my exhibition opening. At 2:00 I met up with Brooke Walker with KSL to do a little interview about the exhibition.  I was nervous, and I was tired, but they made me feel comfortable.  It’s easy to talk about Now I Can, and the amazing patients there.  Here is the coverage they showed last night:

They did a wonderful job!  Here is the article: Student’s exhibit features images of inspiring kids.  I’d love it if you all went to take a look!

After the interview, I had an amazing evening with some of the most wonderful people.  It was a night to remember.  I’ll write another blog post soon about that night.  So stay tuned!

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  1. Devanie & Sam says:

    Sam and I just watched and are so excited for and proud of you! We remember when you decided to follow your dream and now look how far you’ve come and what a beautiful thing you’ve done!

  2. Mandy Bowen says:

    That’s great Mike!! You did an awesome job!!!

  3. David S. Cox says:

    Congrats mike, looks amazing!! It’s great to see you enjoy success with something you clearly love…keep on doing it!

  4. Peter Brunjes says:

    Great photography, Mike !
    What an inspiration you are to pursue your dreams, see them evolve and come to fruition, and contribute meaningfully to your neighbors’ lives !
    Good luck in all you do !

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